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askdrbilliam's Journal

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Dr. Bill Williams
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arite, herez how dis shitz workz!!!!!

U join up da community an ax yo question. Dr. Billiam (or one o hiz excelent staff, or maybe both... or all! OMG!) will answer dat shitz 2 da best o hiz ability!!! DATZ IT!!

da only rulez r 2 not be a dickhead an, like, dont sue us if u do some shit we recomend an like, rupture yo uterus or something cuz like, u know, i dont wanna get sued. I been sued enuff already!!!!!!

dis iz a place 2 share info bout sex an drugz an wotnot, so evryone letz try an be like... not dickweedz an shit.

Dr Billiam is a registared playa an addiction medicine specialist. He haz a PHD in phuckin an a doctorate in dealin.

herez our current staff o professional amaturez!!!

Currently on call:

Dr. billiam

Chief o staff an all round kewl dood. Dr Billiam haz had sex wit HELLA bichaz an knowz wot da phuck he's talkin bout. hez also done mo drugz than u an yo momma put togetha.

Dr. jameth

Resident gay dood. He culd answer all yo questionz bout gay stuff... like... i dunno, suckin dick an like, pickin out drapez an Cher an stuff i guess.

Dr. big_dub

Resident club bitch phuckin dood. He knowz all bout pickin up bichaz almost az much az Dr Billiam doez! (WE SHULD HAVE A CONTEST DUBZ!!! CEPT I WULD WIN CUZ IM FICTIONAL!!LOL!!!)
he'z also a bouncer so he knowz all bout kickin peepz asses an shit so if u gotz any kinda ass kickin questionz or nuffin, ask him. he also knowz all bout lowriderz an custom shit, so there ya go!

Nurse samia

Resident chick! A hot one at dat! Look at them titz bra! Droooooool....

anywayz, she can answer lotz a chick questionz an shit.

Plus shez like, a barely legal xxx teen chick.

an she gotz a kid i think so she prolly knows bout bein pregnant an shit

We need mo chickz!

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